Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Step 1 –Select
Select the package that suits your needs the best.

Step 2 – Information
After you have placed your order, you provide us with the information we need. Either by filling in a digital form with a few questions or through a telephone interview with one of our writers (we are also happy to receive your old CV).

Step 3 – Delivery
You will get your order delivered within the delivery time.

You are now ready to apply for a new job, and you can feel confident that your new CV and cover letter is professional and of high quality.

(If you wish to have any changes made on what you receive just let us know and we will fix it)

Will the CV and cover letter you make meet the UK standards?

The answer is indeed, they will.

Over the years we have helped thousands of job seekers, and acquired extensive knowledge and experience about what employers in the UK expect from job candidates.

We tailor each and every application according to the fields and positions our clients are aiming for, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and will receive a polished, unique and professional application that leave a lasting first impression amongst employers and recruiters.

What information do you need and how will I provide it?

You provide all the necessary information either through a phone interview (additional service) or by answering an effective online questionnaire.


About the online questionnaire:

The online questionnaire is designed to ask you very specific questions, depending on what services you have ordered. By filling in the form we will have enough information to guarantee you strong tailor-made papers. The questionnaire will take you about 15-25 minutes to complete. You also have the option to upload attachments, such as your old CV and the link to a job post.

We will contact you should we require further information after filling in the questionnaire. You will receive the questionnaire by e-mail a few minutes after you have placed your order.

About the phone interview:

If you choose the phone interview as an additional service, you do not need to fill out any questionnaire. Instead, we will contact you shortly after you have placed your order and arrange a phone interview where we will gather the information we need.

How can you write my application without knowing me?

With our long experience, we have created an efficient and simple ordering process for our customers. This process ensures that we receive all the information we need in order to write a professional and personal CV and cover letter for you. You provide us with the information we need either by filling in a questionnaire or by a phone interview.

If we need more information along the way, we will of course contact you.

What qualifies CVWorks to write my application?

We are journalists, authors, and other experienced writing enthusiasts, with years of experience and expertise in CV and cover letter writing. Our goal is to help people get a professional and interview-winning CV and cover letter that supports their career goals.

We have thousands of satisfied customers. Most of our customers are being called in to an interview shortly after they have received their new application documents.

Still not convinced? We encourage you to read our client success stories and reviews here.

Will my application still have a personal touch if I use your service?

We do not start writing your application until we have all the information needed to guarantee you the right result.

We are confident that our information process will collect all the necessary and personal information about you. This way we will provide you with a professional and compelling application with the personal touch you are looking for.

We will of course contact you, should we need more information about you along the way. If you wish to make additional changes on what you receive, we will arrange this too. We are determined to deliver the results you want.

If you are skeptical of our ability to deliver a professional and tailor-made CV and cover letter for you, we recommend you to look at what previous customers have to say about us here.

Do I have to be applying for a specific position to use your service?

You do not have to be applying for a specific position to use our CV and cover letter service.

We write both open applications and applications that target specific positions.
The open application is built to adapt to a wide range of various positions without appearing generic.

You specify what you want (open or for a specific position) after you have placed your order.

Can I talk to you on the phone?

Yes! When placing your order, you get the option to choose this as an additional service. If you choose this option, we will collect all the information we need over the phone.

Why do I have to pay an extra fee for a phone interview?

When placing your order, you choose to provide us with the information we need either through our online questionnaire or by a phone interview (as explained in the previous question).

We charge an extra fee for the phone interview because it allows us to offer lower prices than we could have if we had offered the phone interview as standard in all packages.

Rest assured, we would never offer the option of an online questionnaire if we were not confident in the result provided to our customers by choosing this option.

The questionnaire is the standard option to provide us the information we need. If you wish to have a phone interview instead, you select this as an additional service when ordering. We will then call you to collect the information we need.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Whether you are 19 or 59, whether you are applying for your first or fifteenth job, we are confident that we can assist you with a tailored and professional CV and cover letter.

Most often, we give our customers exactly what they want already the first time around, while other times we need to do a few finishing touches to achieve the perfect results for our clients.

We will not give up until you have a polished, unique, and interview-winning application that presents a lasting first impression amongst employers and recruiters.

Furthermore, we offer all clients a Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that if we delivered your new documents, made final changes according to your wish, and you still are unhappy with our services, we will refund you in full.

See Terms & Conditions for details.

Can I edit what I receive from you on my own?

Yes! The CV´s and cover letters we create are written and designed in Microsoft Word. This means that you can easily edit the documents you receive from us at any point in time.

Can you deliver within 24 hours?

Yes. When you place your order, you will be given the option to choose 24-hour express delivery for an additional fee.

Is it legal?

Yes, absolutely. We write your CV and cover letter based on the information we collect from you. We never add anything untruthful. In other words, our services are fully legal. In addition, ask yourself: In a time where you can get help with just about everything, why should this not apply to something as important as your CV and cover letter as well?

Will it be visible on the new documents that you have helped me?

No. The documents you receive are 100% yours, and will not contain any visible signs that we have helped you.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. Client information is kept confidential by all our employees. After you have approved your new documents, we also delete all your personal information from our server.

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