What does our customers have to say?


I’ve now had a chance to view the documents you have emailed over, and am extremely happy with what you have done.
I would like to thank you for providing  me with a professional cover letter and CV.  I could never have done this without your expertise, and would highly recommend your services….. 
Interview  …… here I come 😀
Many thanks


I am very pleased with CVWorks efforts. Not only did you deliver fast service, the new documents reflected my personality and my qualities. You understood exactly what I wanted from our phone interview. You guys know what you are doing, well done. The staff is welcoming, kind and helpful. In my opinion, you are the best. Thank you. No better way to invest your money.


Very satisfied with the end result. Thank you a lot for great service.


Surpassed all my expectations! I am delighted with both my new CV and cover letter. Super professional! Great customer service and speedy delivery! Why have I not done this before? Highly recommended! 


Ive felt that my old CV and cover letter were a little boring and unoriginal, but with CVWorks help I now have an excellent CV and cover letter. I got quick replies and we had a good dialogue. They have managed to highlight my skills and qualities in a professional way. I would definitely recommend CVWorks if you are stuck in the writing process, or need to put together a better and more professional CV and cover letter.


CVWorks delivered a great product very efficiently. I would certainly recommend them 🙂


Very pleased with my new CV and cover letter. The price is worth it, and far more. Perfect for those of us who have busy days, and do not have the time or the energy to write ourselves.


It has now been 2 months since I ordered an application with CVWorks. Before, I could not get a job and I knew this was my last chance. My language skills are not perfect, and it was challenging to write a good application. I was hoping that my knowledge and experience would compensate for this, but after sending about 150 applications, I was never invited for an interview. It ruined my motivation.

Now I can say: “Yay, finally! “I was invited to an interview and I was the lucky candidate. CVWorks was all I needed to succeed! I am forever grateful to you and recommend anyone in the same situation to ask a professional for help.


Super pleased with my CV and cover letter. It was professionally written and delivered quickly. I now feel far more equipped for job hunting. Thanks for the help!


Extremely pleased with the CV, cover letter, and advice from you guys! I recommend anyone who is searching for jobs to do the same. You save time and get a professional result! Thank you for all the help!


This is great! The team is very helpful and they spend good time with their customers. I truly appreciate that. Your service won me serval job interviews.


Very good and fast service!


I would like to announce that the dream job is officially mine.

I got the position I was aiming for. I am thrilled!

Thank you so much for all the help and advice with my applications.

It has been priceless to me. I have hardly written a job application, but I still got called for several interviews! Plenty of applicants and 7 was invited for an interview for two positions. Can´t help but to feel a little proud 🙂

I would recommend CVWorks to other job seekers out there.  


Very pleased with my new CV and Cover Letter 🙂


Fast delivery and great follow-up!


Very pleased with the service I received! Fast delivery! Got an interview the same day I submitted my application, and another interview the day after that! 😀


I am extremely pleased with my new CV and open application. The service I received was exceptional and the team was very professional. I got an email reply very quickly, and I am impressed with the whole process, from start to finish.
I highly recommend CVWorks. It boosted my self-esteem as a job seeker. Only wish I had discovered CVWorks earlier.


Very pleased with the service I received! Quick feedback and good service, – I truly recommend CVWorks. They are professionals, do not hesitate to get in touch!